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childrens-babies-iconsCome and enjoy Camomile Chaos, pizza making, baby massage, baby yoga, hypnobirthing; but above all, enjoy a well earned break.

Camomile Café Baby Massage

Is your baby suffering from wind, colic, constipation? Do you find it difficult at times to settle your little one?

With 3 grandchildren who I care for a few days every week, I can really appreciate how difficult it can be to settle a baby who is uncomfortable.

Baby massage works so well on my grandchildren. It has a really positive effect both relieving any discomfort, settling them and is a lovely quiet time to spend with them individually. Even our oldest grandchild (Oscar aged 4) still enjoys a leg massage while settling to sleep at night.

Camomile Café Hypnobirthing

Camomile Café Hypnobirthing

If you’re wanting as natural a birth as possible, anxious or find the thought of giving birth a little bit too much…

Our KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence in you and your birth partner during pregnancy and birth.

Teaching you deep relaxation, massage and breathing techniques as well as the physiology of labour which will help you to achieve the best possible birth for you and your baby. A calm, relaxed birth, even when a natural birth is not possible.

Hypnobirthing gives the birthing partner a positive, supporting role leaving mum to concentrate fully on birthing their baby.

Every couple I have taught has been so pleased to have done the course.


Our Calm room is available for babies under 12 months and their carers to come and relax whilst stimulating all of their senses.

We have an array of lights including a bubble tube and spaghetti lights.

A selection of ‘Treasure Baskets’ which are a collection of objects designed for babies to explore using sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. These are based on a concept called ‘Heuristic play’ and is a great way for your child to make sense of the world.

We also have smelly jars to experience with your baby. Instructions on how to use and get the best out of each area are in the room for you to use.

The room is available to use Thursdays for £2.50 per child in hour long sessions:


We are unable to take single bookings over the phone but can take multiple bookings or single bookings can be made and paid in cash in the cafe. Spaces limited to 6 babies per session.

Come and get messy with Camomile Chaos! Every Monday and Tuesday year round!

Bring your little ones to come and get messy with different mediums every week.

Book your place to come along and see how much fun these sessions are!!
A Chaos course is a chance to let your little ones explore a wide range of different mediums that stimulate all the senses allowing them to make a mess and express themselves without you worrying about the cleanup. They will get the opportunity to make a variety of different things to take away with them each week with all of the crafts adapted for the age and abilities of the group.
Everything we use is safe for even the little people as we know they like to taste everything!!
Please bring old clothes, a towel and be prepared for A LOT of mess – and let us do the cleaning up!
We only have small groups so everyone has lots of fun so please no more than 1 adult per child.
Please do ring to book your place so you are not disappointed
£35 per 5 week course bookable in the café or over the phone (01249) 714666
Our activities all run 52 weeks of the year 🙂

Please let us know in advance of any allergies so we can tailor the class for your child.

Chaos courses

  • Monday 19th February @ 10.00
  • Tuesday 20th February @ 10.30

Let us do the cleaning up! (Play clothes recommended and a change of clothes for after!)

£35 for a 5 week course. To be sure of a place please pre-book on

Toddler Yoga

A fun, sometimes chaotic toddler yoga class for small people aged 18 mths to 2.5yrs This is definitely for the can do, want to join in parent to enjoy a fun, mindful exercise class with their little person.
No need to bring anything along but please do wear loose comfortable clothing.
Spaces limited to 4 toddlers with their parent.

Please book your place on  – this is not a drop in class.
The course lasts 6 weeks and costs £30

Next classes are:

  • Monday 19th February @ 14.00
  • Wednesday 21st February @ 14.00

Creative Dance

Focusing on play and relationships this fun & energetic session can encourage the development of self awareness, self-confidence, relationship building as well as mechanisms for coping with change. Very important areas for children of this age group who are having to cope with lots of changes in their little lives.

Sessions start with a fun and lively warm up with games, we then explore our story through movement and props before having some time for free dance and ending with a chill out (relaxing music/a themed guided relaxation and lights) Courses are 6 weeks and cost £30 per child. Please book on

We run two courses for different age groups.

2-3 year olds Starts Friday 9th March @ 14.00

4-6 year olds Starts Thursday 8th March @ 16.00

Pizza making

Come, either alone or with a group of friends, to make your very own pizza with a choice of toppings.

While you wait for it to cook decorate your box to take it home in, or eat it in the café!!

Please pre-book your session either in the cafe or on the phone 01249 714666

camomile cafe pizza making

Enjoy a well earned break at Camomile Café...

Camomile Café is a children's activity & therapy café, based on the High Street in the heart of the beautiful town of Corsham, Wiltshire. All our activities and therapies are available year round. We do not stop in the school holidays!

Camomile Café, Corsham, Children’s activity & therapy café
Camomile Café, Corsham, Children’s activity & therapy café
Camomile Café, Corsham, Children’s activity & therapy café