Charlotte Sloan and her one year son Joe visit the Camomile Café in Corsham.

With great anticipation I walked through Corsham heading to Camomile, a new café on the High Street.

Since becoming a mum almost eleven years ago I have dreamt of a café that offers great food and play space for my children. Now, finally, in time for my fourth child, the cafe of my dreams is on offer in our local area.

Camomile Cafe Corsham review, The Bath & Wiltshire Parent magazineToday it’s just my one-year-old son Joe and I, meeting with a friend and her four-year-old twins. The flyer that tempted us along says it provides a place for children to be ‘free and have fun’, sounds hopeful.

Camomile is well placed on Corsham’s beautiful high street, within a five minute walk to the nearest car park. First impressions are deceptive, the view from the street doesn’t do justice to the fresh and homely interior.

There is a lovely range of play equipment including a hideaway book corner, small ball pool, kitchen and tale top toys. My son and the twins played very happily for the two hours we were there.

The menu is very good value, offering an excellent children’s menu. Joe loved his mini pizza and the twins their snack platter, with average prices of £3. The grown up menu included a tempting range of sandwiches, paninis and jacket potatoes ranging in price from £4:50 to £6:50.

Our lunches were very tasty, and the service good. It was a relaxing pleasurable lunch for all of us, and a refreshing change to the bustle of a soft play environment.

The café also offers an extensive range of activities I look forward to returning for a visit to their messy room with my two-year-old, and pizza making with my four-year-old. The staff advise pre-booking sessions as they can become fully booked.

Perhaps my only reservation is its lack of activities for over five year olds, which means I probably wouldn’t bring my two older children.

But, for a week day with the older children in school, Camomile was perfect.

This review first appeared in the ‘Secret Shopper’ editorial in The Bath & Wiltshire Parent magazine, which is very widely distributed around the schools and child related business’s in this part of Wiltshire and Bath.